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BioEnergy Breakfast October 19th 2016 Supporting National Bioenergy Day

National Bioenergy Day started with a bang at the third BioEnergy2.0 breakfast. John Miedema and Rob McCurdy both made excellent and informative presentations to a packed room.


Rob spoke about wood pellets place in the market while John discussed the chemical processes involved in the manufacture of biochar and some of the fascinating applications where it's currently being used.


The breakfast was followed by a roundtable discussion about biochar production and uses at UBC.


Videos and presentations will be available for download soon.


Please click the links to the left to view presentations, photos and videos from previous events.

FRONT ROW SEATED (L-R): Staffan Melin, (BBRG), Marnie Plant (ED Bioenergy 2.0), Alexis Mackintosh (PCS Technologies),
Dr. Wayne Hanna (Chair Bioenergy 2.0), Reg Renner (Atticus Financial and Bioenergy 2.0), Bahman Ghiasi (BBRG)

BACK ROW STANDING (L-R): Fahimeh Panah (BBRG), Timothy Kendrick (BW Global), John Miedema (BioLogical Carbon LLC, Oregon), Jun Sian Lee (BBRG), Dr. Tang Yong (BBRG), Adel Fadhel (BBRG), Peter Dodge (PCS Technologies and Bioenergy 2.0), Gareth McDonald (Advisian and Bioenergy 2.0), Dr. Mahmood Ebadian (BBRG), David Zamar (BBRG), Dr. Katia Tannous from Brazil (BBRG), Ryan Jacobson (BBRG)

MISSING FROM PICTURE (but part of the tour and discussion): Dr. Shahab Sokhansanj (BBRG), and Ehsan Oveisi (BBRG)

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