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BioEnergy Breakfast October 19th 2016 Supporting National Bioenergy Day

National Bioenergy Day started with a bang at the third BioEnergy2.0 breakfast. John Miedema and Rob McCurdy both made excellent and informative presentations to a packed room.


The breakfast was followed by a roundtable discussion about biochar production and uses at UBC.


Videos and presentations will be available for download soon.

Rob McCurdy, CEO Pinnacle Pellets 

Rob was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle in August 2012. Rob’s international career has spanned the chemical, construction materials and mining industries in Canada, the USA, Asia and Europe in successively senior roles.

Before joining Pinnacle, Rob spent over twelve years with a world leading producer of building materials.

Rob earned his B.Sc with Honors from Queens University in 1980 and his EMBA from Carnegie Mellon in 1997.

John Miedema, Owner at BioLogical Carbon, LLC (BLC)

BLC’s primary mission is applied research and production of high quality biochar products for the remediation of environmental toxins and building soil fertility. BLC produces biochars with various streams of underutilized feedstock from the farming, livestock, and timber industries. These "designer" chars are being used in research at a number of university, government and private projects. John is also the founder of the Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative and has taken a leadership role in biochar advocacy and research since 2007. Beginning in 2009 John started researching the use of biochar for stormwater remediation. Collaborating with commercial partners, the team demonstrated that biochar binds heavy metals. The field work took place in the cities of Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA at industrial stormwater permit holders’ sites to help meet regulatory benchmarks for discharge water.

October 2016 Breakfast Presentations added!

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July 2016 Breakfast Presentations

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